Egyptian News – Egyptian News: on the anniversary of his death … Morsi Jamil Aziz tells the story of "biography"

Egyptian News: Egypt Today: Saturday, February 9,
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Mursi Jamil Aziz is one of the most famous poets in the Arab world, and his songs have been a great success among Arab people.

Aziz collaborated with well-known singers such as Umm Kulthum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, Fayrouz and Fayza Ahmed. His songs were determined by expressing and expressing.

He has written a number of songs for films, he wrote about 33 films and has been an artistic director of the film "Born Ya Donya" with the great director Hussein Kamal.

And delivering East Planet songs 3 of the most successful songs, these include: "Fat Almad, Mìle and One Night, biography" and all that the composer Baligh Hamdi has done.

Today, the death anniversary of Mursi Jamil Aziz's deaths, which died on February 9, 1980, is the anniversary of his death. Following a long journey with poetry and singing.

In one of the rare radio interviews, the poet Morsi Jamil Aziz spoke about the song "Sira Al Hob", which sang the east, Umm Kulthum in 1964 and was written by Baligh Hamdi. "My meeting with Umm Kulthum was fantastic. After writing a number of songs, a meeting between us, and then my writer Mohammed Al-Muji called me, Umm Kulthum asked me again , and after several sessions of work again fled. "

He said: "Umm Kulthum told me that you're waiting for Ayazen Nodik to be a doctor of mental illness, as you sit twice and you will go", and he gave Mursi Jamil Aziz 3 Mtalaa for the " song was chosen. He chose "Aziz" "my life is frightened with love and love", and first was the tune candidate Mohammed Al-Moji, but there were differences between him and Umm Kulthum Balhig Hamdi.

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