Emergency crisis Quadriga: The founder's death of Canada's biggest cash exchange company has lost trade traffickers

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Excluded funds are not digital or real-money money

The biggest trading company in Canada has a huge amount of money. Millions of these monies reach problems after the establishment's death.

Quadriga sent a legal defense claim against beliefs, saying he has lost $ 180 million ($ 137 million) in cryptic money.

It was not possible for Quadrega to access the computerized backups since the death of Gerald Cotin, who founded its company, in December.

Coten, who was just 30 years old; age, who had to direct money and money.

According to court documents, Jennifer Robertson, Couten's widow, said the laptop where her husband was running "was encrypted" and she did not know her; password or how to get the stored information.

Your company asked to search for the information, but it did not; It can only get a bit of digital money back and some information from the computer and its phone.

The company has a & # 39; See if digital money is locked in some other trading companies, in accordance with court documents.

The company says that around 115,000 users have personal accounts in the form of cash commitments and code funds.

The company has a & # 39; 250,000 Canadian dollars (190 million dollars) are the largest city of consumers.

It is clear from the legal documents that its company retains its & Most of the code funds in stored archives that have been stored somewhere unavailable on the internet, for security purposes.

A company, registered in the British Columbia continent, had begun to & # 39; dealing with leakage problems in 2018 when a bank was settled CIBC Out of CAD 25.7 million is linked to company accounts after finding difficulties in & # 39; identify the accountants.

Kutan's death has been more seriously worst when they were traveling in India.

Quadriga said in his statement that he was trying to get into her reservation; cryptic money.

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