Examine warning of fatal "dog flu"

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A medical examination, from the adverse effects of flu distribution among animals, warned that they could spread and spread from cats or dogs to humans.

As a result of the difference, the risk of spreading is faster among people, so scientists are advised to closely monitor the animals, and see a vet for their tenancies.

In their 10-year inquiry, the researchers decided that it is possible for bird flu to spread to dogs, while in dogs, for example, a virus could be mixed with another type that could be be issued to people without a fight.

"So far, dogs are not thought to be the carrier of flu," said Dr. Daesop Song, researcher at the University of Korean. "Our results say that the distribution of pets from pets, including that organisms, should be strengthened."

Song explained that his team had discovered if swine flu could be linked to introducing new dogs with swine flu t CIVmvAccording to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British.

One of the effects of this new energy in animals that suffer from tightness in the airways, cough and gout eyes and sneezing and tiredness and loss of anything.

According to the figures revealed by the Song, a "dead flu flu" is high, killing 40 per cent of cats affected by the virus.

The Dr Sung team has been working on developing a flu vaccine, but its transformation is confusing and it is difficult for scientists to work.

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