Experts: a vaccine does not warrant for a & # 39; Influenza Influenza!


Experts: a vaccine does not warrant for a & # 39; Influenza Influenza!


Nothing is to make sure that it's & # 39; 100% influenza prevention

Experts at Cochrane, an international group that analyze the effectiveness of medical methods, have indicated that fluenza's risk can be reduced to flu vaccine at the time, but this is not the case; 100% ban.

A representative from the group told the Novosti group that immunization, vitamin, lemon and garlic can not be done; gives a guaranteed warranty to prevent a cold. "Cold diseases that are currently caused by viruses and antibiotics are not affected," the FAO results in 2013 showed that antibiotics are ineffective in this area, and that there is no regular acceptance of vitamin C a & # 39; reducing the number of diseases, of the symptoms that the disease has and its symptoms; reducing his time. "

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Flu troubles

Even the Echinacea purpurea, which is widely used in the United States and in Europe is ineffective in influenza treatment, and its This is weak and is only suitable for prevention.

It is not a remedy that is in a steam redirection. The 2017 study results with 387 patients showed that this method is also ineffective in influenza treatment. Garlic is a good substance to prevent the disease, but its data does not have enough data; group to prove that it is effective in flu vaccination.


Purple plants

The number of cases of influenza fell by 2.3% among non-infectious people and 0.9% among foodstuffs, and diseases among children who were immunized fell by 18% to 4%.

Source: Novosti

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