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German newspaper said that Turkey's economic crisis had hit the German economy, because German immigrants were dropped to Turkey, and many exports from Germany stopped their case in the light light of Lira.
According to the German Statistics Group, a German exchanges to Turkey dropped 33% in September from previous year to 12 billion euros.
The German newspaper said that German devolution did not have such a downturn since the 2009 financial crisis, due to the collapse of Turkey's money.
Last summer, the value of Turkish lira to $ 6.50 fell per dollar. In contrast, Turkey's value of value, which has fallen by 40% by the start of the year, has risen. The Turkish rate of liturgy increased again to 5.50.
When Turkey's currency fell in September, a German exchanges fell to Turkey in 2018 as a whole. In the first three quarters of 2018, German exchanges fell to Turkey 4.1% to € 15.2 billion.
On the other hand, German exchanges changed to every country 3.5% in the first three quarters of 2018.
How dangerous a Turkish economic crisis is on? Germany?
Turkish economic crisis lets third of German exports to Turkey by a third. What is the situation of German experts?
There are no signs of development in the distance. Although only Turkish exports represent only 2% of the total German exports, the decline in German exchanges to Turkey is not good, according to Professor of National Economics at Faculty Finance and Business Administration in Frankfurt, Horst Luchl S-
"The negative level of growth in the fourth quarter of this year was due to the decline in global trade," said Luchl to Bild newspaper. "We are scared that the Turkish crisis will increase the problems of the German economy."
"German goods are becoming more expensive»
Professor Gerhard Wilfermeier, professor of the German Economic Research Institute, lost the German economy. "The fall in German exports as a result of the Turkish economic crisis, where the exchange rates have been unavoidable, continues to significantly reduce Turkish money, Increase in prices on German goods ».
Wilfermeier does not expect the situation to be displayed; getting better. "The flat levels in Turkey have risen, which causes problems in buying and investing funds," he said. In general, the objectives for the Turkish economy have become more difficult. It is anticipated that investments will be made in the military industry, as the uncertain future will reduce the oversight of investments. "
As a result of the Turkish Institute for Statistics, consumer prices rose in October, many were not seen since Turkey, 15 years ago, was 25.4% compared to last year. In September, inflation was 24.5%.
Not only is the Turkish Lira crisis influencing the German economy
The economic crisis concerns in Turkey and the danger of attacking Europe have raised the burden of investors after falling fall in August 2018 to a small extent against the US dollar, according to a CNN report.
Turkish money fell by 17% against the dollar, showing a range of concerns, and # 39; including striving with the United States and how difficult the Turkish authorities were to raise interest rates.
Residents' concerns after the Turkish Lira crisis had a great turn of Turkish banks, which have great European funds.
The European Central Bank (ECB) has a responsibility to do so; The eurozone banks appear as a result of the decrease of lira, reported on the Financial Times. ECB refused to give comments.
But there are some who are hopeful about the future of the Turkish liturgy
Luis Costa, director of Citigroup, told British Financial Times that markets also respond to "expects to be more sustainable in the current census of the country."
"Although you are worried about the Turkish economic crisis and the flow of capital, we believe that the move in terms of paying out the liabilities of money can be co- With regard to foreign currency in November 2018, allow investors to have a smaller focus on capital inclusion in South-
Both Matisse and Costa agree that investors should continue to be careful about Turkey's lira crisis. "We need to keep in mind that an increase in global environmental cuts can increase the space of this recycling," said Mattis.

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