FilGoal News Al-Ahli explains the improvements in injury Rami Rabia


The team defender, Rami Rabia, regularly carries out medical remedies at his / her; club, prepared to return to the organization's training in a few days.

"The player complains of pain in the pelvic muscles caused by a blast," Mahmoud said to "This is because it is not away from the group's exercises."

"The harm of the macrophages is not restored to the player."

"The player started to earlier Germany due to pelvic diseases and not as a result of the connectivity of contact muscles, which is easy to handle the medical device without the need for overseas travel, as is currently happening with the Tunisian Ali Maaloul. is set to take part in the 10-day training hoping to check the coach staff before deciding on the team's timetable.

Rabia was hurt with her; Chrom winning 3-0 Al Ahly on Zamalek on 8 January.

The 25-year-old from creating a youth sector that was brought out and was brought to Sporting Lisbon in 2014 before returning in 2015 to play in the & red jumper.

Rabia Al Ahli played 126 games, giving 11 goals.

Rabia has 22 captains in the national team of Egypt.

Choose Al Ahly's creation for Al Wasl competition

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