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"Integrated identity benefits, a sense of confidence, we want to take risks and the second, third and fourth goals." Manchester United Uly Gunnar coach has stated that he has identified his identity after taking up the job and his / her. reach a series of ongoing benefits.

Solshire took care of Manchester United last December with a seasonal contract to replace Jose Mourinho coach.

Sky Sports has made a long deal with the Norwegian coach, which has made. bring to you all.

Recently, Markus Rushford spoke to the goal of Solshire against Bayern Munich in the European League final, but Red Devils changed the Red Devils tour and also defeated Arsenal. This is the beginning of the shed:

"There were many faces in 1997, even though we had different players, Marcos Rushford and Anthony Marcial are not different from Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney."

"Jesse Lengard is at a distance and Ji Sung Park, there are many similar things, and we should not forget those games because they are part of our history."

2 January 2014 Cardiff stated that Solshire was responsible for winning the first match against Newcastle 2-1, but the club suffered a lot later and lost to City City, Hal City, Crystal Palace and Sunderland. Cardiff lost after he had been able to go. defeat to Newcastle 3-1. Solshire left a team training for bad results on 18 September 2014, his mission was only 9 months. The old Red Devils Relay spoke there:

"I understand well why Sir Alex Fergusson was not involved, as I could sleep long when I was a player, what is the moment I'm doing at the moment what I expect, and a little more. "

"My decision did not have to train her / her right to be fair, but you're living and learning. A team It was a very different and different place to come. I learned about culture, identity and a way of play. Less I'm not ready for its capital and this is between available. "

"I think to depend on the players and trust them that you need to play in the right way, try to impact challenged the opponents to win the games correctly, play as we played at Manchester United, I needed to turn that initiative to a team who was struggling to go on land if you know what I mean. "

"Since 2007 I've seen most of the games and, in fact, I had my idea of ​​what's happening and what's right and wrong, that's what you do as a person "I'm in Scotland, so I think I was more prepared for this work."

Since winning a Manchester United contract, the Red Devils has just won eight games before winning 2-2 drawings together with Burnley and then protesting a streak protest against Leicester City. 10 people were attracted and 9 winners, the team made 25 goals and made 7 more.

"It's easy to find out what's in Manchester United and what it means to be a player for that team."

"United's identity is a benefit, a sense of confidence. We want to make a risk and the second, third and fourth goals, as things are happening thereby with Manchester United If you can not handle it, you're in the wrong club. "

Solshire came to the team but did not change much in the tutors, who reminded the public that Sir Alex Ferguson had written in his biography about one of the biggest shortcomings formerly of David Moyes' coach when he pre-appointed all the members of the company; Previously the staff moved and made a huge change.

Solshire trained the team with Mike Villan and Mark Dempsey, and then Michael Carrick, Kieran McKenna and Emilio Alvarez, coached.

"One of my mistakes in Cardiff was that I wanted to walk straight on my way. So when I came, Mike Vilan and Mark Dempsey, we did not want to change a lot of things quickly , because with the big change there is a danger that you're doing too much. "

"Kieran McKenna and Michael Carrick are brilliant, they were here and Emilio Alvarez was important to us all, because they know what they were doing well."

"I know that all of us have different strengths and a different quality. Kiran and Michael have the best ability to do. They are big coaches, I have to say the inspection team is that Everything is going for the club to succeed and so that's good for me. I know I can trust them. "

"Whether I work with my daughter's team, or Manchester United co-training, I enjoy working with players who want to improve it, I enjoy talk to them and give them help and ideas, training about it, and player development. "

"I'm playing with players against the player, not just me, Kieran McKenna, Michael Carrick, Phil, Mick and Emilio, is a good team. We have the aim bigger than he knows. "

Each game is different, we may add to its # 39; The first aim is that it's a different game, they may be a bit of a bit. first scored, so they must make decisions according to their knowledge and quality. "

"Indeed, we wanted to encourage the players and rely on them because we are already, they are all here because they are superb, Manchester United has never signed a player if he does not have a special factor or quality, we should not be protected "He said.

"We talk to them and encourage them on their own, but the players' confidence is different by speaking different. They need to feel that it works with them.

"United has scrapped," said Gary Neville, a defender at Red Devils when he examined Sky Sports's Manchester United performance.

Before they were responsible for the United, Uniteder coach team of the smallest in the English Premier League, by Jose Mourinho's attack and arrest. Turning from defense to attack 0.18, and the Red Devils on the 20th with Solshire to become the largest team to bring back to game 1.13. South Westerly

"The objectives are scammed by attacks, balls based and their opponent's weaknesses when they come back, so you need the elements that are available for registration. "

"The way in which we play with speed and strength should not forget our history with counter-attacks, although we have one of the clubs that want to be Affecting the game, if the teams back down, we have to find a way against those clubs and also protect them, and we'll quickly leave, to match the game win the ball you have to take forward and run forward. "

"You have to change the way a bit and what we did. We got a way to play against Burnley. For example, you need to find different ways to win the games, and we have to choose the players which answers all opponents. "

"I know that Sir Alex Ferguson did it. It always seemed to me to make that a birth. It was different in Cardiff because you had to guide it in a game and try to get a point so that he could not get caught. Now you have a plan and I think I have a team. To play a month, based on our level Also, I think I have selected my team more efficiently or less. "

"We have to put ourselves in an excellent position and a remarkable level, we are confident of ourselves and our own dependence, and ready for these games now."

Manchester United will face Fulham, Liverpool, Crystal Palace in the main headquarters, Paris St Germain in the last 16 of the European League, and Chelsea in the & # 39; fifth visit of FA Cup.

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