FilGoal Video News – Almoravids make history … Mhurritia to the African countries for her & her; first time in history

Mauritia includes history. Almoravids qualifies for the Afro-African African Cup of 2019 in Cameroon for the first time in their history after hitting Botwana at the Sheikh Obeid Stadium in Nouakchott.

Mauritiaia Botswana 2-1 beat in the fifth round of the Cup of Afghanistan in 2019 in Cameroon.

Early Bhotwana early in the fourth minute through Kobe Kigali.

Mauritania was the same in the 19th minute with Hassan El Eid, finishing his & her; first half with a draw for each team.

Ismail Giachetti died deadly in the 85 minutes, finishing her & her; Mauritania's 2-0 win.

Mauritia won their 12th spot at Group 9 parties to consolidate African security for the first time in history before one round of the final, Botswana is attached at the same time at the bottom of the body.

On the other hand, Angola affects Burkina Faso 2-1.

Angola rises second with 9 points, and Burkina Faso was ranked seventh in third place.

Mauritania is the fifth Arab team that will qualify for the next African nations in unprecedented performance. The four largest teams involved in one competition.

The number is still a candidate to increase the impact of Libya's case over South Africa in March, and is suitable for war.

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