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Finding a "big" gold ore in Sudan

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Gold Minister and Miners of Sudan, Azhari Abdul Qader, said a gold ore was found as "big", with a planned 7-ton planned delegation capacity.

On Sunday, at a meeting of companies working in the mining department in the Maritime state, Abdulkader promised to make a great deal in the mining department, saying that all the problems in the mining department were in line with policies.

One of the rare sources of foreign transit that comes into the country is gold. Sudan is a make about 105 tonnes per annum, and the first nine months of 2018 is about 78 tonnes.

The traditional gold mining sites have spread over 800 sites in most of the northern and western states of Sudan.

Sudan suffers from smuggling gold smuggling, away from official sailings, as a result of exchange level differences, in combination with the lack of foreign exchange of the country, reasons for complaints in many towns.

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