For the first time. A song came into the number of spectators on the earth's people

Every year there is a world-class or Arab song with the world's highest passwords, sometimes semi-billion and sometimes a billion, but an excellent technological setting set on the 6 billion bits in the world on YouTube.
6 billion people saw the song «Despacito»
The Despasito song "Despacito" was introduced to the nation's population with over 7 billion and a half billion, with more than 6 billion visits and more than 11 million visits to date, according to Sputnik.
The song "Despacito" has been a global site since its establishment, according to YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, after achieving a public since it was sent launched in January.
Louis Fonsi sings Ed Sheeran
Louis Fonsi is the latest musician of your favorite YouTube star, especially the artist, Ed Sheeran, who composed the well-known "Ship of U" song, over 4 billion views, and the song "Despaceto" album, Two billion videos on YouTube in just 155 days.

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