Get a break … Find out 7 tips to deal with cold


As a result of cold weather due to cold weather, which causes some of the symptoms of the patient, including a nose and tired legs and other symptoms; Cure needs, so we know in the next lines, the most important tips for cold, health).

Get rest

The patient should get a relaxation, until his / her agency help to manage your energy to fight, heat during sleep.

Cold treatment

Gargle with salt water

It can help to clean a bad roof, it can be done by & # 39; Put a teaspoon of salts that is swept in warm water, convert it for four times a day.

A limewort can be used in a hot water cup by adding a teaspoon of a thousand, sitting in a warm room.

A tight lion drink

Strict glass helps to & # 39; clutter nasal movements, preventing & # 39; bending, and limiting the flaskable anchors that ran the nose and neck.

Ideas for dealing with cold

Get a steam shower

The steam bed helps to & # 39; Lighting the nasal passages and relaxing, so the patient is swept with his / her; Flu, he must give me a shower.

Use a hot or cold package around the sinuses

Tea or cold packs can be made at home by making moisturizing and heating for 20 seconds each time in a & # 39; microwave, and then make temperatures first to make sure it is not hot, or take a small amount of frozen kisses to use it as a cold pack on the nose.


Smile on extra clothes

Sleep helps to & # 39; pulling the nasal passages.

The plane will cycle and ride

When they are on an airplane, the patient must be able to; carry the nasal spray to use before they can be removed and landed; plane, to relieve air pressure changes that cause health problems during the cold.

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