Goldman Sachs expects a big decline in the US dollar in 2019

Just: Goldman Sachs expects the US dollar to fall largely in 2019 when the US economic growth has fallen. run to a more consistent pace with its global average.

The US bank said in a note that was released on Monday that the US state-of-the-US vision show that it has examined its strategic estimate for a long time in Scotland and Latin American currency and Swedish Krona and Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars, appoint Reuters.

Goldman Sachs said that he is now seeing a lot of changes to the global economy, along with some of the half-term negative causes that he has; suggest illegal dangers more than their support comparisons for the US currency next year.

Greater US funds have gained wide benefits this year, and since April, an increase of around 8% is recorded, with a monetary pressure within the Force Reserve, and the commercial illnesses in- currently between the United States and China.

By 10:30 GMT, the dollar's main auditor, which monitors the performance of the money against six main funds, fell 0.1 per cent to 96.334.

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