Wednesday , October 23 2019
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Google support for cloud platform "Stadia"

Google includes support support for its cloud platform

Google has just published its Stadia platform, which represents a paradigm move for game services, and this is revealed earlier this month by releasing a package similar to what it does. . Playstation Hands and Xbox.

The handle, known as the platform, is the full filled button interface where the button is pressed with the "Stadia" button to represent the main communication route, and the microphone in support This will be done directly through the medium data services in a Quocel, which provides a unique solution to avoiding problems with pricing. we play games and problems with downloading.

Not only will the play be supported by Stadia, it will also support other companies' controls such as Playstation and Xbox.The hand will be available in black and white, and the company does not provide any information about price or access to the console.

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