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Fayez Al Mutairi, Director-General of the Arab Labor Party (ALO), today announced that the 46th session of the Arab Labor Conference next Saturday was under the support of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

The meeting of the Arab Labor group will be held in the hands of some Libyan, Algeria, Sudan and Palestine countries. The conference also sees the Director General's election and a special session called on stakeholder positions. and the people of Palestine.

In the next report, Al Watan takes a look at the most obvious information on the Arab Labor group.

  1. The group was formed in January 1965, and Iraq fought for an official invitation to Arab Governments to hold the first Labor Labor Ministers' conference to establish the Arab Labor Organization after some of its t of the Arab countries come to the ILO.
  2. The organization is the first Arabic platform for work and labor on a national scale.
  3. Constitutional Committees of the group include the Legal Experts Committee, the Committee for Women's Business, the Committee on Freedom of Society and the Financial Control Authority.
  4. According to the League of Arab States, the Arab Labor Party is one of the specific bodies working within the League of Arab States, and the constituent members of the University are the founding members of the body. consisting of 6 chapters and 19 articles.
  5. At a request from a country to join the organization after independence, it has to apply to the Director of the Arab Labor Office, with a report on accepting and honoring The constitution of the body.
  6. The organisation's General Conference can accept any Arab State whose independence has not yet reached two-thirds of the votes of the delegates who participated in the Conference.
  7. The organization aims to co-ordinate Arab efforts in the field of work, the quality of work legislation and conditions of employment in Arab countries where possible, as well as researching and researching a variety of work issues, particularly the design of the workers and the working conditions and conditions of women.
  8. The group's work includes developing a professional training plan and organizing workshops for staff as well as preparing an Arabic dictionary for work.
  9. The organization includes the general conference and general secretariat, known as the Arab Labor Office.
  10. The General Conference will meet at the supreme authority of the Group and will meet once a year in the first week of March in the General Administrative League of Arab Office.
  11. The Conference may be called by any Member by resolution. T
  12. The delegation includes four delegates, two from the government, one from employers and one from the workers.
  13. The organisation's budget, in accordance with Article XIII of the Constitution of the Organization, shall be derived from assessments of Member States in accordance with the share of each State in the Arab League budget. The second mode is based on donations and gifts offered by the group from the Arab States and Arabic clubs. And the General Conference allows the budget with a majority of two out of the organization.
  14. Any member state shall have the right to withdraw from the organization on the basis of a declaration sent to the Director of the Arab Labor Office.
  15. According to the official website, courses were not held in Cairo, but in other Egyptian regulations such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Alexandria and Luxor, as well as some cities and major towns of Arab countries. T the group.

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