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"Huawei" is preparing to bring its first «5G» to UAE

David Huang, leader of the Huawei Consumer Group in the UAE, said that a 5G generation leader in China is currently coordinating with Etisalat and Du as the launch of the five Huawei mobile phones in the UAE , and said he will begin to launch A & A first series of five generation phones in the department, by the end of this year.

"The company is now preparing to provide its first generation of a fifth generation phone line, and the fifth generation generation of communications technology is better than exporting for telecommunications industry in the world, "said Wang in a statement only to the economic statement. By using 4G phones that go to; maximum position for the future.

Wang's specific comments to the Economic Statement on Dubai regional divisional boundaries, the latest version of the Nova, HUAWEI Nova 4 phone series, featuring a "Punch" full-screen screenshots of page, Nova is the middle class in this section, with almost all the advantages of users in advanced devices.

"I believe that the fifth generation is very important in the UAE, which is a regional leader in this area. With the introduction of telecommunications businesses for these services, many of the new developments at Huawei in a range of new communications technology (MWC) in Barcelona ».

The company, with a global market share of 14.6% in & # 39; market smartphone and has seen last year's growth in sales of 50% worldwide phones, there is a strong presence today in the UAE market and its domestic income has grown by 50% according to the results of the third quarter of the Year ahead.

"Nova 4 is revitalizing the design of handhelds and expressing the way for a new generation of showcases, with the best screen-to-face ratio (over 90%), in particular focusing on young users with requirements to look, "said Wang. The big screen when it comes to games and watching movies, and there are three cameras in the & # 39; behind the phone: one with a wide area lens. "I think there's room for innovation," he said. "We will see folding phones and new applications of artificial information, not just in the camera, but also in the mobile phone. New bids such as the operation and use of vocal orders in a new way, Innovation for Huawei is an ongoing and non-stop process.

Full screen

So what's just a punch screen? Huawei is a hugely innovative and innovative version that offers a wide range of screening for a & # 39; see by removing the fire and her; leaving a small hole in the screen to keep a small 3.03 host face camera. This brings more room to extend the screen for 6.4 inches from top to bottom, and # 39; Give an everlasting perspective for games and videos.

Camera triple

The Nokia 4 is another example of high quality camera phones, similar to every Huawei phone. Huawei's third phone with a triple camera supported by artificial knowledge. This three-dimensional camera model includes a 20 megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel secondary camera, with a 16-megapixel camera for the ultra-wide camera. This will allow the user to drag wide displays and save the whole view in one frame, similar to the postcard image. The phone camera is good for taking the best times with great pictures and videos that are of light, whether it is very clear, backlit light or poor light.

Storage power

The New 4 uses the Kerin 970 modem and 8GB of high memory memory in the device settings with external storage capabilities up to 128GB. By & # 39; developing Huawei's continuous systems, the user will not receive daily applications and games that run quickly and smoothly. However, the overall performance of the device is still effective in the long term. On Friday, Vodafone 4 was scheduled in advance and can be purchased online at selected UAE salesmen starting on 14 February at AED1,799.


Etisalat ready subscribers will offer 6 months STARZ CLAY free for films and up to 1GB of 3 monthly data by diary # 056 for their offer today when they buy Nokia 4. West – The phone also comes to Huawei's one-year services, and including a one-hour repair warranty within 6 months, an ultra-bottled phone cleaning device, free phone car service and home door delivery.


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