Industrial sector investment in oil companies


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A description of the site of its & # 39; Constitution, on Sunday, November 18 2018.

A report on the Public Department Information Center (PII) revealed details of public business contributions and investments in joint oil companies.

The report said that there are 15 companies in the companies that are in the company; Public sector division with various investments, that is: Al-Nasr for Transformers and Electrical Products Co. 9.99% Al-Mako, Al Nasr for Civil Works 21.8% Alexandria for Minerals Oil 9.7% Petrochemics Sidi Crier 3.6 Aegyptian Gas, 0.57%.

The Egyptian company for electrical products – Agimak 24.96%, International Gas Gas Technology 20%, Eastern Petrochemicals 7%, Egyptian Insulators Alexandria Petroleum Co., SAE 10.4%, Reconnecting Petroleum Alexandria & Petrochemistry – 1.01%, Egyptian Electrical Systems Engineering – 20%.

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Source: Constitution

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