Is human brain different from the female's brain?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A male brain different from a female brain, according to a recent survey, found that women are more comfortable while males are more systematic but more likely to be & Feeling they are & # 39; Feeling they are more likely to work alone.

In this context, we can talk about differences in human mind between men and women.

Judith de Jorge, in her report, published in the "AP" Spanish newspaper, was the latest research published in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" magazine on the characteristics of both species .

The author said that the data survey used by around 700,000 people in the UK, which included 36,000 with autism, who responded to an online survey for the documentary "Are You Autistic?" Broadcasting on British Channel 4.

The author said that the research was conducted under the auspices of the British psychologist Simon Baron Cohen, from the Center for Autism Research in Cambridge, and confirmed that he had two controversial scientific theories he had recommended forty years back.

The first theory has shown that women are more comfortable, although men are more systematic. Compared to this, the second theory has shown that the lack of communication deficiency problems result in the highest level of attainment of the male brain.

The writer said that the reason is to acknowledge another person's mind state and respond with the right feeling, which makes us listen to a sad, communicated and self-employed friend a place, and a & # 39; giving him the help he needs. It has been shown that women are doing better. On the other hand, men follow a more structured approach, explore or build a system, or anything that is consistent with rules and patterns.

The authors commented that the participants in these surveys have found out what their authors have been described as "steps". By achieving high marks, the organizational skills of the person showed that they were not; higher than their sympathy, but low scores meant that sympathy was higher than regulation.

The researchers found that ordinary men had higher marks, compared to women. On the other hand, independent people – regardless of genre – were getting measures longer than normal men.

In the same way, scientists found that those who worked in science, technology, engineering and mathematics areas were higher and higher than those who worked in jobs that were not related to the fields above and they were more comfortable.


The author noted that the authors commented in their checks that the differences have been made; are not applicable to organizations and not for people, and the data does not say anything about a person according to his or her gender or to criticize the lack of communication or position. In addition, the panel says that the results do not mention sympathy and organization only, so theories outside these two sizes would be "unfounded ".

Also, those results do not mean people with autism are not sympathetic. In this context, scientists have explained that sympathy is in fact; including two main components: the mental side (the ability to recognize another person who thinks or emotionally) and emotional (emotional response appropriate to the other person thinking or feeling).

The side of sympathy – known as "theory of purpose" – is the only thing that perpetrates for independent people. This does not mean that they are rude or tricky, but it's hard for them to go to; understand the aims of others, so they do not understand the characters on the word or voice of a person or do not; think their ideas.

On the other hand, when they are told that this person is suffering, they are willing to help. In this context, the typical example of this profile is to be the Sheldon Lee Cooper character of the "The Big Bang Theory" television series, a wise child who is hard to do. understand humorous or irony scenes.

On their side, the authors give a warning that their choices do not have a & # 39; Accepting that people with autism are superheroes. They have high levels of organizational skills, but they do not follow other gender differences, such as anxiety.

According to the researchers, their work has shown that the things that are related to women or individuals contribute to the formation of a brain. This does not mean that each person has a different image from women, as the individual may have a normal or uncommon for his genre. In the same way, there is a great difference in the autism situation, so this does not mean people with autism feel sympathy.

Learning and hormones

Some of the factors that cause these sexual differences, come from social knowledge and learning to biology that give their knowledge. For example, homosexual sex hormones such as testosterone are linked to sympathy and regulation, and genetic issues have also been associated with sympathy.

Psychologist Simon Baron Cohen said that the checks also suggest some of the statues that are displayed; bringing autism to neurodegenerative people.

"They have excellent skills in recognizing patterns, they have a great interest in detail, they are able to understand how things work, and we need to support their talents so that they can win their goals and win benefits, "he said.

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