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Kazem Al Saher changes his title!


Kazem El Saher

Artist Iraq Kazem Al-Saher applied for Interior Ministry within his country to change his title from "Samurai" to "Saher".

Al-Saher's application text included: "I am the citizen Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim al-Samarrai, which is marked by the declaration of civil status issued by Al-Mansour Affairs Department in the menu No. 303, No. 108 (ID No. 00497059) Gu (Al-Saher) that the last title represents a reputation name (Kazem Saher), so that it is not between -expired in other personal documents, so take a legal step on this topic.

On September 12, 1957, the composer and writer in Mosul was born in 1984. His artistic career began with his poet Asaad Al Ghurairi in 1984. He performed his & 39; His first album entitled "The Olive Tree" and then began to be successful. And "Arab Song Ambassador".

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