Keep your heart and young people and prevent cancer by 9

Pomegranate is a very high fruit, especially for skin and hair. It is rich in antioxidants, fiber, protein and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sink and sodium. It is rich in stomach, including K, C and E.

Surveys have confirmed that pomegranate is ready to sign up to # 39; getting older and getting older, preventing hair loss and protecting from heart disease, anemia and Alzheimer's, develop excavation, enhance the bones and its; maintains levels of blood sugar, as well as medium blood pressure.

Pomegranate juice has been shown to obstruct the development of cancer prospect cells, as well as to # 39; protecting the estuary and blocking clocks.

The "Organic Fact" site, the pomegranate juice, has benefited us through 9 features:

1 – delays to become older: pomegranate juice has a & # 39; delays the appearance of older signage and seals, as it encourages the reconstruction of skin cells and its cells; preventing the appearance of the skin and the dark spots.

2 – preventing falling hair; Eat pomegranate juice often magic affects his & her; hair. It will strengthen the word, which is missing; reduce the fall, and produce a vitality and a & # 39; flushing on her hair.

3 – health improvement to & # 39; heart; called "a friend's eye" with a pomegranate eye because it is rich in antioxidants that are infected; reducing cumulative colapower levels and increasing beneficial cholesterol levels, and preventing success in shipbuilding, and, protect the creation of a clot in the articles.

4 – reducing anemia … Pomegranate juice is a good iron resource, and so it's a? eliminate the lack of iron in the body, so it will reduce it
Anemia, it also increases red blood cells in the body.

5 – help with & # 39; paint, pomegranate juice helps to & # 39; help to dig out and & # 39; maintaining consistency of the work of the stomach and its disease, it also has a Raise awareness and disrupt acute attacks.

6 – Preventing bone health, pomegranate juice is a? help you to dispose of lunar marks and their & # 39; protect against osteoporosis and arthritis.

7 – Reduce blood pressure, help pomegranate juice to reduce and maintain high blood pressure at registration level.

8 – cancer protection, checks have shown that pomegranate juice protects against a large amount of cancer from the collar, lung, and # 39; pristine and coffin, drinking one cup of pomegranate juice a day; cancer proscess development in men, according to surveys.

9 – Alzheimer's pomegranate juice treatment is very useful for the health of the brain, it prevents the burning of the nerves that are infected; harm the brain, and bring Alzheimer's disease into effect and his / her; enhance memory.
Despite these benefits, doctors do not; recommend pomegranate juice for diabetics because there is a lot of sugar. Debris can be eaten regularly but in small amounts.

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