Keeper: UAE holding on Qatar's British Cup in the Asian Cup


Keeper: UAE holding on Qatar's British Cup in the Asian Cup


British UAE citizen UAE decided to use the national team of Qatar shirt when the Asian Nations Cup, hosted by the UAE and its host. Annabi Qatar's coronation in historical achievement.

The British newspaper told The Guardian Tuesday that the UAE had captured a British man named Ali Issa Ahmed after using a shirt for the Qatari Annabi team during the Cup of the Asian Nations, hosted by the UAE between 5 January and 1 February.

Ali Issa Ahmed, 26, is an Arsenal fan who lives in Wolverhampton and hers. travel to UAE for a holiday in January. As long as he was there he got a ticket for a game in the & # 39; Asian Cup between Qatar and Iraq on 22 the same month.

A friend told the British guy to The Guardian that his friend was arrested based on allegations made about security officers, and the embassy of UAE stated that he was investigating the arrest situation.

One British citizen was allowed to make one phone on 31 January. He could talk to his friend Amer Loki, who said he revealed that he was released after he was arrested and attacked security officers in a car and which was stated to be & # 39; encouraging Qatar. I'm not sure what happened next but was arrested because it was stated that allegations have been made against anti-security officials in the UAE. "

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