Labor Minister: Establishment of funds for the financial sustainability of groups

Labor Minister: Establishment of funds for the financial sustainability of groups

Al-Diyar – SPA

The Labor Minister and Social Development Eng. Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi emphasized that the development department in the ministry needs further development and duplication of the effort to increase its level of achievement and to improve its performance. participating in the general economic revival that the Kingdom has seen at different levels. He said "All the challenges that blocked the work of the institutions in the institution and governing bodies and the sustainability of financial and administrative development.

During his meeting with several headteachers and board members of the East Division's leaders and trustees, Al-Rajhi said that a meeting and workshops on the development department were held on November 26 to develop the department. He said that everyone involved, and provided societies and centers, to clarify and pursue their ideas and ideas in this regard, which will give a positive reflection on the work and achievement of development department in the United Kingdom.

"The Saudi Arabia is currently hosting 950 societies, and we are working to increase the number of ministerial associations and its partners to 2,000 in the coming years," he said .

Al Rajhi explained the mission of the establishment of the establishment of 1000 new societies during the years 2019 and 2020, which emphasizes the same time as it is. ministry for establishing the new societies based on professional and specialist principles based on the principles of governance, management and planning, and away from the general assemblies.

He also stated that funds were set up which aimed to give the societies financial sustainability. He said that his ministry is involved in preparing the funds of the property. He hoped that the property will bring full financial stability to the societies in 2019 in line with the aims set for it. The company lodges for permission and has administrative, financial and professional abilities. A & # 39; ministry is ready to fund its work by 50% of its value. This may be the form of a grant, which ensures financial stability to achieve its objectives. Do you have enough financial capacity, No connection with the Ministry or Ministerial support.

He mentioned the establishment of a project to strengthen and consolidate governance in the work of the societies, by establishing clear rules and policies to clarify the performance and work of the society, to achieve its aims and objectives to achieve.

In terms of ambitious programs and projects in the work and performance of the societies, Al Rajhi said: "We have an honorary partnership with the relevant government agencies to accelerate the establishment of societies." He said that the third department will quickly add to a & # 39; hiring the sons and daughters of the country in line with new development plans.

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