League of Arab States: We look carefully at the situation in Sudan

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4 hours on 12 April 2019
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12 April 2019 / 21:21

The Arab States League has announced that it is looking at developments with an interest in political change in Sudan, expressing "hope that the Sudanese people will agree on what is t very well the country. "

The University said in its Friday news announcement that it looks forward to the wisdom of everything needed in this delicate situation, whilst continuing the political debate with the aspirations of the Sudanese people. achieve in a life of dignity, freedom, safety and stability.

And he stressed that there will be 'no attempt to support the achievement of the desired consensus, similar to that sought in earlier levels ».

She said: "Sudan's several political and developmental interests have been a priority on the Arab joint agenda. The Arab League will continue to be interested in promoting peace, sustainability and development in the Sudan from the conclusions of the presented summits and their role and responsibility in this Arab world.

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