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Miley Cyrus: There is no place for sexual orientation in modern relationships

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Miley Cyrus William Hawsworth

American pop singer, Miley Cyrus, said genetic orientation and sexual identity were not the obstacles to today's friendship, as it does. defeat her husband Liam Hamsworth.

Cyrus, which is described as having a broad sense of sex, saying that she and her husband "redefine" what "a person like me" is between two types of heterosexual.

"People who fall in love with someone, not the kind, can be turned generous, shaped, or anything else," Cyrus said to Vanity Fair.

"I do not think relationships in the new generation are a lot of sexual orientation or gender," she said. "It's a small part of sex and there is a relatively unrelated genre of relationships."

Miley said she was proud to be a group for the wildlife community.

Others of Cyrus's sexual orientation praised their use of their situation to talk about new sexual orientation.

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Maggie Baska

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"I am lesbian and in a relationship that does not know my identity

Maggie Baska, a 26-year-old Irish-American woman, said to a man, "This is someone I can look forward and I see it is around me and that it is completely open. "

"It will encourage everyone who wants to feel unhappy because even if they marry, what does it happen? " "You will join someone and do not change what you are.

Before her husband was recognized, Maggie was going on for women and men.

Maggie said she and her husband were close to being open to different species and people of different species.

"Anyone can deceive anyone, because I also value things like this," she says.

Recently, Maggie and his man realized that they were attracting a lullaby of pop singer and actress Lady Gaga.

In an interview with Miley, she said she was attracting her; mother is more "spiritual" of sex, to find Maggie nearby.

"I'd like to go home to someone I do not feel like, tell me myself that the person I want to be with," said Maggie.

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