Milk is full of fat and low fat. Experts choose the best ones

Many feel that poor milk milk is better than full fat, but does the nutrients in both types, or are cheaper than milk?

To answer this question, the Quartz site used five experts in the health and nutrition area, but the responses were divided, long & Each team caused his opinion with a logical explanationSouth Westerly

The detailed detailed answers are as follows:

Karel Nuson, nutrition

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The transformation of whole-fat milk products includes energy consumption and its; preventing stress gain and limiting the number of sustained diseasesSouth Westerly

Smoked fat consumption will be a & # 39; raising cholesterol levels in the blood, and increasing the risk of heart disease. So, a reduction in salted salts can help to & # 39; reduce the risk of heart disease and strokeSouth Westerly

Malcolm Riley, eunologist

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Poor milk products are beneficial for people who want to reduce their & # 39; their affluent. Their nutritional benefits of milk products with a 25 per cent lower food consumption are the same as regular milk products.South Westerly

Australian guidelines suggest milk, milk and cheese, low fat (or other options)South Westerly

For milk products, the phrase describes it "Light- Light "is largely fattySouth Westerly

According to the Australian Food Notification Law, there must be less than 25 per cent of fat in food for the "light" label"He said.

But the expert notes, however, that calories need not be low in poor milk products, and that their content is higher in calories or sugar.South Westerly

Nicholas Fuller, an obesity researcher

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All of its advantages have full or diminished milk products for heart health, so it is important that our diet includes milk or other milk-free (such as soy) but with the same nutritional values ​​such as calciumSouth Westerly

For milk, it's important that we have milk and yoghurt on our table, more than cheeseSouth Westerly

Low fat milk contains the same nutrients to protein and calcium, but there are usually a half of calories in milk full of fatSouth Westerly

For those who are worried about losing weight, especially in the shirt range, they should keep up with low-fat or fat milk as part of their daily foodSouth Westerly

Evangeline Mantzior, Food Scientist


A recent study that monitored people's lives for 22 years found a negative relationship between heart health and milk consumptionSouth Westerly

However, one wound insurance found in milk products is linked to a lower risk of death from heart disease and strokeSouth Westerly

Another study found that there was no difference in the consumption of fat and low milk milk in terms of death rates and heart diseaseSouth Westerly

Evidence shows that light glass products are not; make any difference in the risk of heart disease and death in advanceSouth Westerly

But for those who want to reduce their weight, the variety of calories may be differentSouth Westerly

Robin Delbrideg, nutrition


There is evidence to support milk, cheese and yogurt as an important source of calcium, protein, vitamins and other minerals.South Westerly

However, research published in the last 10 years has queried its question; movement of poor milk milk optionSouth Westerly

A study of 21 countries found that the large amount of milk related to lower risk of death and heart disease, especially a strokeSouth Westerly

The results suggest that there is little risk in milk products, regardless of the level of fat; , which could adversely affect poor cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin suffering and cancer cancer riskSouth Westerly

There are rare milk products such as yogurt and cheese for heart healthSouth Westerly

Fully selected car or fats should be based on the entire food pattern, instead of being able to; hit full fat milkSouth Westerly

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