Mini Mini iPad Mini .. Look closer

Apple is updating its mini-package, and after the US company had upgraded Mac Mini, Apple has launched a new version of the Tablet PC, the Mini Mini. Apple did not see the Tablet PC, which displays a 7.9-inch screen about 4 years ago, and finally launched the new version, which has brought many generations back to processes and awareness.

The screen is clearer
The user does not see this big jump in the design outside the iPad Mini, where the new version is similar to the iPad 4 module, but when the operation of the screen looks more sharp, it also supporting Lord Apple True technology, and changing the temperature of the screen color depending on For environmental lighting, the technology was previously restricted to large luxury models such as the iPad Pro, and the iPhone smartphone.

On the technical side, the Apple's smallest album comes with the iPhone modules. As the iPhone XS, PC Mini Tablet PC comes with the Bionic A12 cyclist at a basic level, and the previous module was based on the A8 and the transformation in a generation was impressive. If one computing crane has been used to bid, the level of performance increased by 278%, to 356% when several computing counties were used.

For the graphics card, it also has high values, which show four times higher than the previous performance tests, so the iPad Mini is a play tool for all of the new games.

Battery operating time
In spite of the new high performance of the new Tablet PC, this will not significantly affect the battery operation. Although Apple reduced the battery capacity from 27.6 to 19.6 watts an hour, the battery ran on the new iPad 10.3 times, with the Asphalt 8 show, an increase of two and a half times the previous model. The battery has been increased to more than three hours when other applications such as video playback or web browsing are used, due to an energy efficient A12 architecture.

Unlike the existing generation of the iPhone or iPad series, Apple has continued to place confidence in the TouchID keyboard recognition system, providing advanced functionality to the t operation, and the 3.5 Mini still includes the 3.5 traditional Mm, similar to the biggest iPad.

Apple Pencil
One of the new responsibilities of the board is the iPad support data set, but it is restricted to the first generation of Pencil Panel, not the second most sophisticated, and therefore cannot be completed enter the pen on the edge of the Tablet like the iPad Pro. It is necessary for the user to cut the pen through the computer Lightning.

Conversely, upgrading the cat on the small iPad tablet is still quite weak. Apple has improved on the program, some of the colors are very confusing, there's no shortage in a new tool and recording videos cannot be given at the 4K resolution.

The new module shows that looking at good communication and providing theoretical support for the LTE data transfer is up to 1000 Mbps. As well as the portable SIM card, there is also an eSIM card.

The price of the iPad Mini iPad with a storage capacity of 64 GB and WLAN wireless is around 400 USD.

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