Name of a new Egyptian artist involved "Khaled Youssef Videos" (Photographs)

The name of an Egyptian new artist was included in a case


The media and social networking sites have been named in the name of a famous Swiss artist in the case of genre videos, known as the Egyptian MP and Khaled Youssef's director.


Drawing of the director and the artist trying to take part

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Director Khaled Youssef

Although the information is still consistent and surveys are ongoing in the & # 39; video case between the two actresses Mona Farouk and Shema Al-Haj and her link to & # 39; Matters with the director Khaled Youssef, some have come together with the name of artist Mena Shalabi in this case because of her. a friendship she had gathered in Yusef.


The real shot cut

According to the media, Khaled Yousif gave a talk to Mena Shalabi's actress, but he split her to refusal her mother, artist Mu & # 39; tazili Zizi Mustafa.

The media set up a series of images of the Egyptian artist with the director Khaled Youssef, to prove that there are relationships between these images and the artist's link to a video subject, but most of the pictures in art work that was shared between her & actress and director.

Despite the fact and many conversations given by Chalabi to the particular issue, she noticed all that was said and published a series of pictures with her friends, artists and director Inas El-Deghidi.

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