New feature of "Watsab" for "Apple"

The "Watched" app has introduced a new feature for Apple devices for iOS 2.19.20 app iOS.

The Watsab application of iPhone users may be able to identify Face ID or Touch ID to open the application on their devices, according to a report published by Gagets News.

The report said that Apple phones users can renew their request to use their new feature.

IPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR support support are longer and have other iPhone models; supports the fingerprint feature.

The new feature is activated by clicking on "Settings, Account, Privacy and Enable Screen Lock. Where possible, the application will ask the user to identify a keyboard or face to face elected every time they come to the application. "

Watsab is currently working on a feature similar to the Android application. The current feature feature will work on smartphones that have a fingerprint sensor and run Android 6.0 or over Marsmallow.

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