News 24 A girl turns her house into a small coffee shop .. And tells how her mother's condition and her son are pregnant. community (video)

PhotographA Saudi girl who lived in one of the villages turned and was a love of coffee into a small project. She made her house a small café for the children of the community, shows that she thought it was the first step; It's a big project she's dreaming about.

"I was thinking about this project, which took a while after graduating from university two years ago," said Noura al-Sahimi, who spoke on the "My Lady "on the" Rotana Khalijia "channel, a & # 39; show that she is living in a town that is a suffering from lack of humor.

Al-Sahimi, 24, said she had started implementing her / her project by going to # 39; preparing paper cups and spoons and then collecting tools and tools. She said she's a # 39; coffee and sugar and provide special types of coffee and who want to learn how to make other types.

She said she was scared her mother would not allow her lover to use the househouses of the house in the project, but she said. She was her first assistant, saying she had a & # 39; children liked to & # 39; community and support it, a & # 39; encouraging and praising new ideas.

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