News 24 Is it necessary for the agent to say everything about the time and illness to the woman's family? Sheikh Al-Maghamsi illustrates his opinion (video)

PhotographShaykh Salih al-Mughamsi, an imam and a teacher about Quba Mosque said in Madinah, said he was Seeing that it is not necessary for a man to show everything to the people of women who are in a position; preaching her.

He explained that through the "Sporadic Doors" program broadcast through the MBC channel, he believes that it is about marriage life, such as genetic diseases, which must be published before a marriage begins on what To give people the best women.

Sheikh al-Maghamsi added him, even if a woman wants to get married, he should not say anything about it. If a woman comes in to the taboo and Allaah will take her, the woman who comes to her will come. "He said.

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