News 24 "Sanad Mohammed bin Salman" names the first batch of applicants to the "marriage marriage" campaign.

Sanad Mohammed bin SalmanSocial Inclusion Program Sanad Mohammed Bin Salman announced Monday that the tender had been submitted to the applicants for the first marriage engagement ceremony.

The program makes clear that the requirements for eligibility and the mechanism for those eligible for the 'marriage marriage' initiative will mean that Saudis is the man and his wife, the spouse between the ages of 21-40 His wife, aged 18-40 years, was the first married couple, serving the High School.

He added that the marriage contract should not be longer than one year from the date of application. The well should not exceed 4,000 miles and the financial awareness course should be completed with a minimum of 60%. The role and dilemma and people with special needs.

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