News 24 "The Absolute" News: News about living up to the dead and a move what's happier in the isthmus (Video)

PhotographSheikh Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a member of the High School Council, said that the news about livelihood was returned to the dead, according to some of the prophecies of Heaven.

She asked her daughter Sheikh to get involved in her. "Fatwa" program on the Saudi channel first, that her father died seven months ago, but still crying against her will, hurt her tears.

Al-Mutlaq said the daughter of the girl, when the news is that her daughter is still crying, he does not like it, saying he would be happy if he was told he had his daughter asking him and patience and his / her; measure and obedience to God.

He said that the story of his life is returned to the dead as stated in some of the songs, so the children should not give anecdotes, despite their parents, and a & # 39; give prayer and forgiveness and attach the uterus and charity to their brothers so they can hear about the good news they have welcomed in the life of the isthmus.

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