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News Lebanon: the world of the Arab wisdom the "old black" t

In the Arab world, socialists and pioneers of social media share a picture of some of the Arab leaders "sleeping" at the Arab summit recently held in Tunis at the end of last month.

Apart from the credibility of the history of these images where some heads look asleep, without all these being proven, we all saw this Arab leader or having slept at an Arab or even international summit. .

French language Lebanese L 'Orient with Jour every day introduces that some of the reasons for "Arab sleeping leaders" are due to aging. The Arab world, according to the paper itself, "is controlled by black people."

The age of the Arab leaders represents the truth. President Tunisian Jane Kayed Sibsi is 93 years old and Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has a 90 year old. The president of Lebanon Michel Aoun and Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud 84 and Mahmoud Abbas, the president of Palestine, has passed the highest of 83.

Age age is quite different from that of the age group in Arabic societies, where the age of two-thirds of the Arab countries is just 30 years old, according to a report from the UN.

But the controversy, according to the same source, between the ruling class and the individuals is not restricted to Arabic societies, but there is a huge difference between the age of some leaders in the world, and Arab leaders. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, for example, 47 years old, and the president of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macaron, 41, and Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Cruz only 36 years old; age.

"There are two motions in the world today: the first is to reform the regulatory generation, and the second to let the old rule," said one academic Lebanon.

The newspaper also refers to other younger Arab leaders with power in their own country, but not power, including Prime Minister Lebanese Saad Hariri, 49, Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Tamim bin Hamad al- Thani, 39, Prince Mohammed bin Salman (33 years).

But, Lorient Le Jour says that all of these leaders gained power, while the Arab world is considered to be the biggest region in other parts of Africa in the world.

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