Oil continues to go down. Natural gas is a Missing the # 39; reduced to 7%

Mubasher: Oil prices continued to fall at a Thursday trading session when US oil crude oil was up, and more than 7% of natural gas lost.

The black gold will come from data to show yesterday that the oil lists of the United States are in a position; continues to increase for the ninth week in a series to reach the highest level from December 2017.

US oil is still at the highest of 11,700 million barrels per day (bpd), with the number of drill idiomets falling by about 3 platforms this week.

But at the same time, investors are closely looking at the Meeting Group of Petroleum Change Countries (Opec) scheduled for December 6 to consider having a & # 39; reducing crude oil.

US President Donald Trump thanked Saudi Arabia yesterday to praise the decline in oil prices in a short time.

JPMorgan allowed to repay the average price of raw crude brent to $ 73 barrels the next year against $ 83.50 barrel for earlier estimates and see $ 64 barrel in 2020.

At 3:05 pm afternoon, Brent's raw price fell for delivery in January 0.2 per cent to $ 63.36 barrel.

At the same time, US unlawful times fell 0.6%, with Nymex falling to $ 54.32 barrel.

Throughout the day, the natural gas revenue price for delivery in December 7.1 fell to $ 4.31 per million British thermal units.

The US natural gas lists fell last week as the first downturn in season; winter.

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