Presentation of "ports" strategy and management at its first board meeting

Board of Directors of the "Port" General Port Ports held today, their first meeting at the Commission's headquarters in Riyadh, with the head of the Minister of Transport and Chairman of the Board. The Board. Nabil broke up Mohammed Al Amoudi, to review the change levels planned for the National Transformation Plan, its strategy and operational management, and consider future plans according to the vision of the United Kingdom (2030).

The Council started on the # 39; meeting thankful thanks and thanks to the Chief Keeper of the two King Mosques St. Salman Bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prince and Crown and Deputy First Minister and Minister of Defense for the continued support of the harbors section in the United Kingdom. And to overcome all the problems to contribute to the effectiveness of the activity of the Saudi ports and to improve their performance and make it as a platform and a unique logistics and global connectivity center on all continents .

At the same time, the Minister for Transport and Chairperson Board congratulations to Board members at the time of the & # 39; the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Commission, which affirms that there is a success in & # 39; Achieving the aims and aspirations depends on the human capital capabilities and capabilities of the Commission, thus fulfilling the vision of good leadership in the & improving development and sustainability to the highest standards and standards The Board debated a number of topics on the agenda, including a performance report of Saudi and financial tunes, as well as performance, achievement and initiatives of the Commission.

Agree to & # 39; The Council has a number of rules that will enhance the development and coordination of regulatory frameworks for work. This will ensure that the effectiveness and quality of services are delivered at Saudi ports and the organization and business management of the department, including the management of marine companies, the General Regulations on Licenses and the rules for other vessel supporters In addition to fuel in all formats,

This meeting is a # 39; the first of the board of Directors of the General Charitable Authority, following the decision of the Ministers of Ministers to move the General Port Group to a public body in a financial and independent administration and to allow its organization to achieve its business on foundations and standards commercial to attract investment and increase the State's income. The Board of Directors of the Commission includes: Saad Bin Abdul Aziz Al Khaleb, Chairman of the General Port Authority, Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Shaqbani, General Secretary of the Service; Abdulhadi bin Ahmed Al Mansouri, Deputy Transport Minister; Tarek bin Abdullah Al-Shaheeb, Finance Sub-Writer of Finance; General Investance for Museums and Consultants Services.

The Board also includes Yousuf bin Abdullah Al Bunyan, CEO of SABIC, Nabil bin Abdullah Al Jamea, Deputy Chief of Human Resources Company Saudi Aramco, and Ghazi Bin Abdul Rahim Al Rawi, Head of Mabar Investment Company Al-Hima.

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