Prices at the end of trade on Sunday 18/11/2018


Gold prices were negotiated at a commencement on Sunday, with Exchange Metal International closing its weekly vacation.

The price of one gaming of 21 status is currently registered 609 pounds, 18 quality quality values ​​of 522 not, gold price 24 not to 696 pounds, and the number not available; gold 4876 pounds

It is worth noting that there is no special price for gold products, as it varies from one source to another. It also changes from one banner to another, and the trader is established, and between 30 pounds and 60 pounds per gram. The price of gold is determined by the price of the world. It is circulated in the Egyptian market.

The price of gold in the Egyptian market is the world-wide price of metal precious in the international metal exchanges. The price of the world is largely due to massive demand or decline. The price of gold is linked to the dollar's market in a negative way. The increase in the dollar exchange rate causes the gold price to fall. Reservoirs are investing in gold for the purchase of the dollar, with expectations for raising. If the dollar comes as a result of the US political and economic decisions, investments buy gold as a secure investment.

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