Riyadh celebrates the National Day of Sultanate Oman


In their lasting partners to all the brothers, the joy, the griefs and all the historical days

The Kingdom celebrated the national day of Sultanate of Oman, as long as Riyadh and the towers were; decorate the colors of the Omani banner.

The General Authority for Civil Air, represented by the United Kingdom Airports, participated in the celebration of the National Sultanate Oman Day during the 48th Oman National Day, showing the depth of the fern between the neighboring nations.
A number of national events have been held at different international airport search rooms. Found and leaving and leaving roses were spread and Saudi and Omani banners were distributed and souvenirs were given for this time.
At the time of the 48th Oman National Day, King Khalid International Airport passengers traveled from Sultanate Oman with flowers, banners and souvenirs to be celebrated by the Omani brothers at their airport. The national hymn was also proposed during the departure centers and halls. Entertaining and welcome passengers' fare and farewells. come out with flowers and jackets, spreading the national flags of the two neighboring countries and some memories for this time.
The Dammam Airport Company is on the traveling halls at King Fahad International Airport in Dammam to decorate with Sultanate Banners of Oman and the United Kingdom to celebrate the event and will host the Oman National Day on the showcases in the hall that shows the close relationship between the two sister countries.
At Madinah's International Airport, Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz in Madinah, travelers from Oman welcomed flowers, banners and jackets. Omani brothers were at her; airport too.
The Taif International Airport participated in the Flydubai plane to Taif province when its airport staff received gifts, flowers, flags, greetings and congratulations for the Sultanate Oman National Day in Mashhad to mark her & # 39; showing the bridal and affectionate links between the Kingdom and Sultanate Oman.
These events are part of the celebration of Saudi airports with the brothers in Sultanate of Oman during the national day to share their enjoyment and congratulations between the brothers, a & # 39; consider this part of the national responsibility for the government of Oman's brother and people.

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