Runny nose in the morning Allam is showing?

The Allergy and Asthma German Society has a nose or a ban on the morning; describes the number of cells that include domestic ridge.

Other features including domestic worms, eyebrows and more separation spreads, as well as coughing, can be relaxed and redundant. move through breath.

It seems that domestic dust mites are rare insects that can not be seen in the bare eye. These insects contain a living in bed (bobhst, bobhst, pillow), rugs and tolls.

To prevent these insects, tissue mats and clothing should be washed in the automatic laundry device at 60 ° C for an hour or they will freeze at temperature 18 for several hours hours.

The house should be cleaned regularly, an automated glazing device with a special diaphragm should be used in opposition, and the burst that often appears to the sun, changing the After a few years, as well as pets abandoned.

If these steps do not help to & # 39; help the problem, immunotherapy can be used. The patient is disturbing alergens until the immune system is infected; use it so that it can make better fight.

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