Salah caused Mani to cry after her; game of Senegal and Guinea!


Sadio Mani started at the center of the seine after the game against Equatorial Guinea in the Afro-African African Cup in Cameroon.

According to the Senegalese media, he had tears associated with his rival with his Egyptian colleague, Mohammed Salah, where he says that Mani's tears was successful at Salah in the race for the African Year of the Year award.

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The Senegalese fans were very wild at Liverpool's star after he lost some of the opportunities they had through the game, and made the player a " crying after the whistle last.

Mani's brother attacked Senegal fans because he was not very supportive of the player, because Egyptian fans are doing with Salah, writing through his account at Instagram. "A country that rarely stars a star despite the star of the country is how you will do it."

Look at Mani's crying:

He said:
"Every Egyptian who supports Salah if it is a good for a national team or not, will support thousands of Egyptian fans, Salah, and not – Senegal's advocate for Chalido Coulibaly or Sadio Mani, who competes for Salah's best in Africa. "

"He will continue to fight for you, to continue to sacrifice himself, to continue to send his / her most of Senegal, to love and respect the national flag, one day you could understand it, but maybe it's too late, "he continued.

Mani took part in the African Cup of Nations Nation against Christian Guinea in a 3-0 decision over Guinea Zone.

Salah clarified the successful victory for the Egyptian team in the deadly time against Tunisia, in the game that ended the victory of the three visitors to Pharaoh before a visit.

The 26-year-old has scored seven goals in 16 games with Liverpool so far, while Egypt's star has eight games in 17 games.

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