See the upcoming Huawei P30 phone images

See the upcoming Huawei P30 phone images

Well: Mohamed Adel – News Erm

New reductions revealed by the WinFuture Tech Site revealed details of the phone that Huawei P30 could have had, carrying a three-lensed back camera, as well as the appearance of a screen screen clearly in the new leaked images.

The new phone will differ from the Huawei P30 Pro, which appeared in previous installments, in terms of its & # 39; camera, the version of "Pro" appeared with a four-lens camera, which was explained to be one of the main lenses, and the second one increases ten degrees of vision And a broad angle, and the fourth is a depth of depth The Flight Time icon, to make pictures and take advantage of improved truth claims AR.

The new P30 comes with water design that enables Huawei to benefit fully from the entire telephone interfaces, allows you to make a lot of room for the screen, while you do not need to put large edges to the silhouette camera at the top of the screen; phone.

It is expected that the family of the new P30 phones will appear at a Paris reception on 26 March.

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