"Shawomi" misleads its customers with fake offers in "Flash torrent"


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"Shaoomi" is a "frustrated" of its customers with breakdown offerings in the "torrent flash" from the site of the day, Sunday 18 November 2018.

Shawy has released a single-day Flash Slots in the UK for smartphones on two new telephones that launched its company in recent days. The offer lowered the price of the two telephones with just no. When the offer started on an official website, company, For the total amount on the site.

He then followed that the UK watchdog, UK advertiser, who received many complaints from users and decided to investigate. On the other hand, she said she hoped that this event would not affect consumers to benefit from the success of their customers. company in the future.

"We have been offering special and dependable advances worldwide since our inception in 2013, which allows some of our lucky users to buy our phones at a lower price This is our first time to offer a UK increase It is willing to attract large levels of demand on our phones and that's what we did not; expectations. "

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