Site news: Major report from the Club

Liverpool's coach, Jürgen Kül, said on Monday afternoon that had not been confirmed by his team against West Ham United, who drew 1-1 in the new Ridds scenes.

Liverpool moved to the far side when James Milner, who appeared in a bright position when he got the ball, gave an overview of the singer Sadio Mani in the 24 minutes inside his box to be inserted into the warden of Polish guardian, Okash Fabianski.

"The game was very difficult, we knew how strong they were in the established balls, but when we learned on that, we had three other players in the team," he said after their game.

"Our goal was not right, we were swept away from folders and the referee might know the two sides of their game," he said.

"If I know I made a mistake in the first half, I do not want to do that in the second half."

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