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Strange planets may be the new citizens of humanity

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The American Atlantics magazine has announced plans that can become new homes for humanity, saying that the planet may have been semi-lock and darker in the future if we want to stay in systems another sun.

In recent years, the magazine focuses on the constrained planets throughout the area, and I realized that these planets were among the best games to play in. find places similar to land where their grandchildren can settle.

A dark world, on the one hand, and unfinished sun on the other, can be the future of human race.

Scientists believe that a & # 39; Most of the planets in our galaxy, where there is a similar Earth-like temperature, are likely to be restricted.

Given that the orbital period is similar to the quarry time, these planets know the same side of the sun, just as we see the same side of the moon as it surrounds the earth.

The reason for this abundance of limited plans is very simple. We have as many as three quarters of the sun in the galaxy in red laws, sandstone, the smallest and colder stars of the sun.

Any planet that goes around one of these pygmies should be close to its star so that it can give life to people. It should be noted that seven radar detectors have recently discovered seven Earth planets in the Tractist-1 system, which is likely to be limited to debt.

The writer said that there is an estimate to be & # 39; talk about these planets at this time. But we are trying to learn enough about the realm of the world in order to understand how they work and the kind of civilization that we can build here, as well as the a place where people can go. settlement on a flat planet.

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