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Sudan's political analyst: This is how Bashir encouraged to visit Egypt

Dr. Abdul Malik al-Naim, a political researcher in Sudan, shows that the Bashir to Cairo trip is different from the previous ones, because it is in certain situations that Sudan is in a position; Going in in particular and regional and international support.

"This is a meeting between the president of Sudan and the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the 24th formal meeting or regional and international events," said Naeem in a telephone interview with Sputnik on Monday .

"But the recently-made journey does not accept the normal climate, a trip with special aims due to a situation within Sudan, which offers as a consequence of Egypt, in terms of its geographical context and its relationships and partnerships. "

Sudan's political analysis: "Bashir visited Qatar before going to Egypt and hopes to visit Kuwait, and I believe that a Bashir trip to Qatar in two fields, two-dimensional relationships or a & # 39; a crisis-related case at the Gulf of Canada, as well as the crisis inside Sudan and how Arab countries To contribute to support for sustainability and security in Sudan. "

"This is true because the structure in Sudan is different because we talk today about a 49 percent stakeholder government for the opposition and the rest of the governing party. There are parliaments in the states, as well as parliament, "he said. A national conversation, as well as a national conversation that included more than 39 military movements and more than 94 parties in partnerships.

"So there is a practical problem that the events in the countries of the Arab Spring can easily occur in Sudan, and this does not mean that the Sudan government has been discharged from its duties. He has a very big role and needs to deal with the campaigns in the street by solving the problems and emergencies that have taken away the citizens. Out of the street and the continuation of political dialogue. "

Sudan analyst said that the Egyptian position should be present and is named at a joint news conference that stands with Sudan and its support. All of these Arab arrangements can bring all positive reasons to & # 39; stop the space, its & # 39; solving many problems and delivering peace in Sudan.

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