Switzerland is hitting her & # 39; Belgium with five and is suitable for the finals of the European Nation .. Video


The Swiss team had a 5-2 warranty at a & # 39; Belgium at Swissport Arena on Sunday in the second round of the B Group of European Championships, suitable for the semi-steps.

TORGAN HARDARD opened the scam for her two-minute Belgium into the game, taking advantage of a defense error from the Swiss national team to go ahead and over Sommer.

Turgan returned to the second goal of adding the Red Devils in the 17th minute moment, from a view that the opponent did not put on.

But Ricardo Rodriguez added the score for Switzerland to get his & her; First visit from a penalty visit in the 26th minute.

Harris Seferovic clarified the fairy for Switzerland in 31 minutes.

And Harris Seferovic returned to achieve the third leg in Switzerland in the 44 minute moment, from an incredible crash that Typo Curtua failed to get involved.

In the second half, Nico Elvedi put on the leadership of the Swiss team to his 62th minute visit with powerful leadership, taking advantage of an amazing cross from Sheridan Shakiri in Liverpool.

Harris Seferovic of the Swiss team raised his fifth visit to the 85th minute of the meeting, with the amazing Tibo Kurtwa rescuing leader for dealing with them.

With this impact, the Swiss team has a second group with 9 points, even with the Belgian team, but it is better than the direct compromise.

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