The appeal has a new and important feature to come sooner. He realized

The experts involved in the development of Wesabak contribute to a new feature designed to help them; help install "installed users"
At present, case updates are offered in a unique order that can be a problem for users with hundreds of connections, and their company has a & # 39; try to provide a new algorithm that allows users to provide updates based on their settings, experts said.

According to the Mashbel news release newsletters, the installments will now be allowed to settle into a small group of iPhone users in Brazil, Spain and India and can be offered to more users in the coming months.

The conversation request based on Facebook also offers organizations invitation to make the groups more difficult because users and users have the option to be able to; choose whether to go in a group or not. When the feature is launched, they will request permission and receive permission every time a person is added to their. group. South Westerly

It is anticipated that the company will release this feature quickly but it will not be activated automatically, as users need to choose from "options", by " go to Settings, Account, Privacy and Organizations and choose from three options.

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