The Arab section of the line is tightly drawn

The Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, welcomed the efforts of the Keeper of the two Holy Masons, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the United Kingdom who commanded his powers Communication and 29rd Arab Arab The various Arab countries and problems that our country faced.

Aboul Gheit, speaking at the opening session of the 30th conference held in Tunis today said the conference was moving forward very tough t “I am delighted to see that the people of the hopeful and hopeful people who are refusing to move forward to hope that the region's status and that of the civilization industry will be better than it is today. .

“Some of our countries are still in a state of decline, some of our pupils suffer from the acidity of the conflict and the pain of the sitter in Syria, Yemen and Libya, some of the most precious towns and cities, are suffering. our country's most deprived cities, still in danger and under threat from illusory, sectarian groups and crime groups. Politics will be solitary at the end to stop the conflicts and win sustainability in civil wars, but everyone who lost their lives was defeated and routed.

He set out on the challenges facing the Arab national security over the years, and highlighted that these threats, at least those affecting the societies that exist, are threatening. to it, in particular terrorism, and the dissemination of armaments outside the control of the state or those outside it, to the Arab countries, or the disasters which occur for seven decades and growing, that the Arab countries have to unite in their vision and agree that national Arab security is a continuing unit, and the maintenance of the national state is a key issue and its preservation is important. for independence and unity and to maintain its integrity and sovereignty. D for free people in safe custody free of charge.

“Arab Arab security in the east doesn't go far from what they are doing in heart or in the very head of Morocco, and vice versa. “There is a danger and the answer must be,” he said.

He said the need today is to have a greater concept for national pan-Arab security, working within the framework of Arab bullying against some of our neighbors, and work. T intervention from Arab countries.

He confirmed that the interventions from regional parties, especially Iran and Turkey, contributed to the complexity of emergencies and left the extension, and found new solutions and edges. the edge of the original questions, saying they refused these interventions and all their ambitions and schemes.

He added: "We clearly call that a crisis situation is temporary and that the opponents will temporarily down the line or Qasr, but can not be persecuted to the integrated integration of Arabic countries and regional integrity to Arab. " t

He recently criticized the American declaration of Sir Golan's connection with Israel, repeating the declaration against the established legal rules and even the establishment of the international order and the property of Israel's inhabitants. Arab land in the Sirian Golan. Security Council.

He also criticized the recent administrative functions in the USA which are encouraging the job of moving forward with their delight and enjoyment, and the unfortunate message of the Palestinian people and leadership, the financial and political constraints on Palestinian organizations. and UNRWA stopped.

The General Secretary stressed the belief that, even at least, Arab cooperation remains a baseline in these central storms.

He confirmed the Arab League as the most obvious and symbolic symbol of all those who bring together the Arab and the unifying of its words and others listening to the collective voice of each case. linked to the future and future show confidence in the Arab leaders and their commitment to the role of the university and growing bigger.

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