The «Exchange» division is the only one who lost Exchange Exchange



22 minutes on 19 November 2018
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November 18, 2018 / 23:33

40% of the Qatari section ended at the end of the previous day, with 19 companies out of 41 companies that trade yesterday, and 21 stocks rise and one company agrees. The market value of the registered shares amounted to 580 billion people, up to 3.7 billion compensation groups, or 0.65 per cent.

The value of the exchanged shares fell between 88% and 212 billion guarantees compared to 1.71 billion compensation for the previous day. The trading rate fell by 12% to 5.1 million shares, compared to 5.8 million shares for the previous day. , And the number of items that were executed fell by 28% to 3,096 opinions, compared to 4306 activities.

A general index will increase your 0.81 per cent to 82.87 points, up to 10297.06 points from 10214.19 on the last Thursday. The advantages of the index from the beginning of the year increased to 20.81 per cent.

The transportation department fell into stock market transfer after the drop-down index at 0.30 went to 2088 points, and the rest of the stock market share charts, the services index was up 4.63 per cent to 7,000 points, with the high index of 2.65 per cent to 987 points, then the high insurance register of 0.83 per cent.

The overall output index is the fourth largest increase with 0.81 per cent, or 146 points, to 18.14 thousand points, and the index of Qatar's Islamic Stock Company, and # 39; price rising at 0.70 per cent to 2395 points, with the index of each department high 0.66 per cent.

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