The Finance Director allows "PolyServ" tender to be used to "Firkim Egypt"

CAIRO – The Egyptian Financial Management Authority (EFSA) has agreed that the offer will purchase 100% of the Farkim Misr Expansion and Chemicals.

Egypt's Stock Exchange on Sunday said they agreed to post a polypropylene surgery offering to buy 17.55 million sections of FERCEM Extensions and Egyptian Chemicals at a price of 6.31 per department.

The Board of Directors of Poly Surf Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals, earlier mentioned is licensed to make compulsory purchase offers of the Parts of Firkim Mills and Chemicals at 6.31 per section.

The General Assembly of the International Agricultural Product Company, offered for Poly Surf for fertilizers and chemicals, to buy 100% of the Firkim Misril and Chemical Instruments at a price of 6.31 per department.

He also agreed that contracts between the International Bar Scrap Company and Poly Surf Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals could be sold for 2.78 million shares of 100% of the shares of International Crofts in Firkim Misr wheels for Poly Surf Company for fertilizer and chemicals at EGP 6.31 of all sectors that are rated at LE 17.35 million.

Department of Egypt (EGFERT) in Poly Surf Company for fertilizer 7, 5715%.

The Department of International Barbar is in Poly-Serf Squirrels and 20.4% Chemicals. The donation at agricultural crops in Firkim Egypt is 15.6%.

FERCEM Egyptian Chemicals and Chemicals carried out a profit of LE 12.7 million in the period January to September, compared to a 2.9 million LE profit in the comparable period of 2017.


Financial Guidelines can consider the acquisition of Poly Surf for FERCEM Egypt

PolyServe restaurants are considering IPO and FERCEM Egypt construction

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