The Football Association will be releasing the Olympics team in the late

Football Union News Sport released bonuses ball Olympic team News – the seventh day with details Football Association Leaving the Olympic Games Award:

The Egyptian Football League agrees to pay the Olympic team tax for the last time, which is the benefits of being able to; win the team for the last 9 games according to the number of meetings each player has, following the agreement of the Council's Union Department with the head of Hani Abureda and Karam Kurdi member of the General Director of the Council On the team .

"We want all kinds of fitness that they want to succeed in the team," he said, a & # 39; stressed that the final camp payer of the team finished yesterday with a friendly match against Tunisia and demonstrated that the Olympic team was very close to its first team. The Council agrees to the budget of the 10 day team after the offer to Aborida, who is responding to the rules of the national teams, saying that the Council has yet to decide the award to mark the team to the next Tokyo Olympics, Karam Kord explained that the meeting date of a # 39; Board decided but to; Feeling it could be deferred if a large number of members traveled the same time.

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