The medical world may soon discover that there are no surfaces that cause allergic effects on the eyes.

NEW Reuters – Experienced lenses can provide experiments not only for the development of vision but also the bad repetition of allergies, the rapid use of two recent studies. T , according to a new report.

Lenses containing antihistamines, developed and confirmed by Johnson & Johnson, have greatly extended the eye allergy marks, researchers in the American magazine Corinthia.

"These results are very encouraging," said Brian Pal, clinical director at Johnson Care & Vision Vision Center, who contributed to the survey. "More than 20% of people have large eye sums."

The Johnson & Johnson tests attempted to improve the efficiency and safety of the lenses that are slowly dispersing of ketotifen against allergy. The tests included 244 volunteers between 12 and 16 years of age.

Some of the volunteers who used to wear reactions did not have itching histamine readings, while others said itching, but it was possible, Pal said.

"We are delighted to have this opportunity to write about this technology."

Dr. Christopher Starr welcomes new results.

"These are new and interesting results on several levels … I deal with many patients with seasonal New York City referrals," said Starr, an oil expert and professor.

"I also suffer from having my eyes drawn and from the first minute I use this material … as a result of this positive data."

Pal said he didn't know when the new lenses would be sold.

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